A message of unity to the Christian community

OUR fellow brothers and sisters from Christian Communities,

Cross-cultural friendship is complex because there are so many unknown elements. It’s much easier to run into someone with the same skin color and taste as us.

Despite all these differences, especially the faith and theological parts, we are children of the same Adam and Eve (peace be upon them).

As you are celebrating the Christmast Day, we would like to take this opportunity on this festive to share best wishes.

For Muslim, we are being taught in the Quran the humble Christians friends are among the closest to our communities;


“. . . and nearest among them in love to the believers will you find those who say, ‘We are Christians,’ because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant”

(Quran 5:82)

God places a high value on unity. Unity in families. Unity in marriages. Unity in the communities. With unity, we create a better country for our children and future generation.

Historically, Muslims and Christians have been living peacefully together under the leadership of Prophet Muhammad. The non-Muslims who were the majority in the State of Medina, were given right to practise their religion and treated fairly by the Muslims.

Islam is not merely a ritualistic religion but a way of life which guides its followers on multiple aspects of life, including politics, economy, laws, social, environment and others. We have seen how non-Muslims in Kelantan being treated with honour and living harmoniously in the muslim majority state. To the surprise of many, the biggest buddhist statue in South East Asia is in Kelantan. Islam, when placed at the highest place, provide justice, welfare and peace to all.

Malaysia being a multi-cultural and multi-religious nation with Islam as her religion of federation, has all the potential to show to the world how we can live peacefully and harmoniously. The key to this is that all Malaysians respect and uphold the countries constitutions and national principle with all out heart. 

Brothers and sisters,

Fundamentally, Muslim should not celebrate Christmas as it is considered as religious festival. However, our scholars allow us to join the event to respect and acknowledge the invitation of our neighbours and friends. We had the chance to attend a dinner two weeks ago as a symbol of friendship. This show how unity matters to all of us.

Let’s hold our hands together and be the spearhead of the unity in this beloved nation.

We wish you have the happiest moment with your families, Happy New Year and Peace Be Upon You.

Head of PAS Youth Malaysia

Deputy Head of PAS Youth Malaysia

Vice Head of PAS Youth Malaysia – HARAKAHDAILY 25/12/2019