Is RM19 billions GST money really stolen?

ONE of the reason why I’m not happy and this to me is bad for our country.


In fact the money was never robbed by Umno or Najib. The money was used for government purpose with proper records. I told Public Account Committee (PAC), when I was the member, to tell the truth. But YB Wong Chen,told me to toe the line and say to me “let DAP handle it” . We have to support government of the day.

I insisted and I told them in PAC, this is not true and we have to tell the truth, I say “what are we doing here if the thing is not true”, during the PAC proceeding. (can refer to PAC hansard) 2 weeks after that, I was removed from PAC.

I don’t regret being removed from PAC as that post is without salary and remunerations, but what I regret the most is we are (I was then) from reform party, who advocate justice, fight kleptocracy, talk about transparency and accountability and yet we don’t practice what being preached. Now I can tell it to public as it is no longer under embargo.

Former PAC Member – HARAKAHDAILY 25/5/2020

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