Kelantan police to monitor SOP compliance

KOTA BHARU – The Kelantan police has set up a task force in all districts in the state to monitor public compliance with the prescribed standard operating procedure (SOP) on COVID-19 in conjunction with the Aidiladha celebration.

State police chief Datuk Hasanuddin Hassan said the task force, consisting of the Motorcycle Patrol Unit (URB) and police patrol car (MPV), will start their patrol tomorrow.


“The task force will conduct patrols, especially to slaughterhouses, villages and housing estates, as well as individuals undergoing quarantine at home.

“This is to ensure public compliance with the COVID-19 SOP, especially on social distancing, in our efforts to fight the epidemic,” he told reporters at a farewell ceremony on his transfer to Kedah.

Earlier, he also presented commendation letters to 22 media practitioners in Kelantan for their contributions in channeling information in a joint effort to fight crime.

Also present was Kelantan deputy police chief SAC Abdullah Mohammad Piah.

In another development, Hasanuddin said all roadblocks in the state had been removed, except in Jeli, to reduce traffic congestion with the expected exodus of Kelantanese returning to their hometown for the Aidiladha celebration.

“The police expect more than 100,000 vehicles to enter Kelantan for the Aidiladha celebration,” he added.

Expressing concern of a new COVID-19 infection in the state, he advised the people to adhere to the stipulated SOP.