LPT3: Good news for Kelantan people

KOTA BHARU – The decision of the federal government to continue the implementation of the East Coast Expressway Phase 3 (LPT3) is good news for the people of Kelantan as it is seen as capable of ushering in development and boosting the economy in the state.

In fact, the implementation of LPT3 also simultaneously proved that the government had never marginalised the people of Kelantan as claimed by certain quarters.


A teacher, Rosnorhusna Abdul Rahman, 33, from Kampung Baung, Pengkalan Chepa said she lauded the move since the traffic situation in the state was getting busier especially during festivities.

She said a highway network to connect Kelantan with other states would definitely help in easing traffic congestions especially during critical periods, namely, during festive seasons and public holidays.

“I often take double the time to drive on an extremely congested route from Kota Bharu to Terengganu every time during festive seasons and public holidays as compared to other times,” she said.

“As such, I hope LPT3 will be able to solve the traffic congestion problem faced by Kelantan-born returning to the state for Hari Raya or public holidays in the long term,” she told Bernama here today.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Fikri Muhamed, 30, from Rantau Panjang, said the implementation of the project would generally benefit the people of Kelantan and could simultaneously create an economic overflow for the people on the East Coast if it was continued.

“I have heard of the project prior to this. And I hope that it will truly be implemented as there are not many development especially involving roads taking place in the state.

“In fact, I am also confident that the implementation of this expressway can spur a better economic growth for the people along the route involved including in selling and leasing their land,” he said.

Earlier, the media reported that the government had approved the construction of LPT3 via a letter dated July 3, 2019 from the Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister’s Department, involving preliminary works costing RM35 million, which started this month. The preliminary works were expected to be completed in April 2022. — BERNAMA